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Attention, Recruiters!

If you are a recruiter looking for assistance in filling open positions, please consider contacting The Taunton Group. We specialize in filling medical affairs, clinical and regulatory positions. We work with a number of recruiters providing prompt, reliable assistance and access to our network of candidates. For more information, contact Ligia Madeira at

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Thank You Emails Are a Necessity (Not an Option!)

A "thank you" email or note after an interview is not only the polite thing to do, it's one final chance to present yourself as the right person for the job. Don't squander this opportunity! Thank You Email After Job Interview

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Various Positions Available

In addition to providing recruitment services directly to a variety of companies, The Taunton Group also partners with other recruiters to provide assistance on their searches. This enables our firm to expand the list of open positions available to our candidates. All job seekers are welcome to contact us directly to find out what positions [...]

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Successful Job Searching in 2018

No matter how impressive your knowledge and skills, job searching requires an ability to market yourself well. When reading job search articles, be open to suggestions and ideas that will help you successfully present yourself to hiring managers. 5 Things You Definitely Shouldn't Do in Your Job Search in 2018

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Senior Safety Physician

Seeking candidates for a Senior Safety Physician role on the east coast. Candidates must have MD, clinical experience, Drug Development/Patient Safety experience and ability to work across therapeutic areas. For more information, please contact The Taunton Group.

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